i’m a dabbler.

The Art Lounge on Haven concept was born years ago when I attended a “Paint & Sip”. Looking around I was smitten with what I saw; people gathered creating a painting while enjoying a glass of wine or two. It was essentially art as entertainment and I thought it was brilliant.
I was intrigued by this concept and actually brainstormed how to tailor such a business to my varied interests and skills. As a self-proclaimed “master dabbler” I visualized a venue where all kinds of art projects could be created. All I had to do was visit sites such as Pinterest and I could imagine limitless DIY workshops. Thus The Art Lounge on Haven was born.
This venture is exciting and I am thrilled to introduce it. judy

Through formal training, I am
fine artist, graphic designer, typographer.

Through experience, I am  a
mac geek, art director, retail merchandiser, home stylist, marketer.

Through curiosity, I am  a
fine art painter, seamstress, gardener, picture framer, photographer, upholsterer, builder, furniture refinisher, web designer, ceramacist, electrician, brick layer, art historian,  carpenter, calligrapher, silk screener, embroiderer, organizer, tile layer, jewelry maker, sign maker, writer, collage artist, print maker, educator, builder,
dreamer,  do-er.